Bible Numerics

Bible Numerics shows the mathematical structure underlining the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament, thus ensuring the unchangeable accuracy of the text.  View the “About” page for more background.

Below are resources on the subject of bible numerics available for ordering or download.

Bible Numerics Materials By Ivan Panin:

  • Numeric English New Testament – $20.00
  • Shorter Works – $2.50
  • Bible Numerics – $1.50
  • The Last Twelve Verses Of Mark – $2.00
  • A Holy Challenge For Today – $2.50
  • Verbal Inspiration Of The Bible Scientifically Demonstrated – $2.00
  • Inspiration Of The Scriptures Scientifically Demonstrated – $0.50
  • Inspiration Of The Hebrew Scriptures Scientifically Demonstrated – $2.00

About Bible Numerics (Not by Mr. Panin):

  • Mathematics Prove Holy Scripture by Karl Sabiers – $2.50
  • Absolute Mathematical Proofs – $0.50
  • Seal of God By F.C. Payne – $6.50

Make checks payable to “New England Bible Sales” (please add 25% for postage and handling) and mail to:

New England Bible Sales
262 Quaker Rd
Sydney, ME  04330

For further inquiries, email or call 207-512-2636.

Short Descriptions of the above materials.
Numeric English New Testament – translated by Ivan Panin – 630 pages. This is the translation of the Greek New Testament as established by Bible Numerics. By using, wherever possible, the same English word to translate the same Greek word, this translation puts the reader as nearly as possible on the same footing as the reader of the Greek text. Both Greek and English Numeric New Testaments together represent the most significant application of Panin’s discovery of Bible Numerics.

Shorter Works of Ivan Panin
– 83 pages. This booklet contains a short biography of Ivan Panin, works on Genesis, Jehoiakim, Word Order, Romans, Genesis, Verbal Inspiration demonstrated and others.Bible Numerics – by Ivan Panin – 30 pages. This paper is the text of a speech delivered by Ivan Panin at Caxton Hall in Westminster England which illustrates the mathematical and numeric interrelationship of all Scripture.

Bible Chronology (PDF only) - by Ivan Panin – 107 pages. This is a highly technical chronology of biblical dates and numeric biblical patterns. Mr. Panin’s efforts of over 40,000 separate pages of written reference and research work form the basis of it.

The Last Twelve Verses of Mark
(PDF) - by Ivan Panin – 56 pages. This work establishes the validity of the last 12 verses as Scripture by the multiple of sevens (7s) numerical structure and interrelationship of the words, forms, occurrences, syllables and letters as they relate to the whole Gospel of Mark.

A Holy Challenge for Today – by Ivan Panin – 69 pages. This is an excellent small booklet describing why Panin began to pursue Bible numerics and how he approached a revision of the New Testament text. It also compares the various manuscripts and the whole process Panin went through in creating his revision. This booklet was completed shortly before his death in1942.

Verbal Inspiration of the Bible Scientifically Demonstrated – by Ivan Panin – 94 pages. This is a compilation of writings by A.B. King and six other clergy on Ivan Panin’s scientific proof of the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures with the bulk of the work being material by Ivan Panin demonstrating numeric phenomena of the Bible. This shows the Bible to be constructed “on a marvelous numeric design running through its every conceivable detail” The numeric design insures its text against errors and interpolation.

The Inspiration of the Scriptures Scientifically Demonstrated – by Ivan Panin – 15 pages. This is Ivan Panin’s letter given in reply to a challenge of Christianity by a person known only a W.R.L., found in the newspaper The New York Sun of Sunday November 19, 1899. Mr. Panin “happened” to find the paper left on a vacant train seat. The editorial section had actually devoted several months to a discussion of the truths of Christianity, Ivan Panin did not know this at the time, having not seen the paper for years. This is a good summary which was published to the readers of the Sun in 1899.

Inspiration of the Hebrew Scriptures Scientifically Demonstrated – by Ivan Panin – 61 pages. This paper shows that the Hebrew Old Testament is constructed of a numeric design running through every conceivable detail.

Mathematics Prove Holy Scriptures – by Karl Sabiers – 158 pages. This work by Karl Sabiers is a biography and exposition of the discoveries made by Ivan Panin including examples, how they were discovered, how they prove the Bible is a God breathed Book, and how the discoveries affect the reader. It is a good synopsis of Panin’s work.

Absolute Mathematical Proofs on Divine Inspiration of the Bible – by Dr. Keith Brooks – 15 pages. This tract reviews the works of Ivan Panin and is a nice introductory summary for sharing with those interested in the subject of the title or as a witnessing tract.

Seal of God – by F.C. Payne – 178 pages.  Showing the design of God in creation: human structure, birds, flowers and insects; the number 7 in creation and the Bible; an overview of Ivan Panin’s works; evolution.

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